IEEE Oregon members volunteered at the NWSE middle and high school science fairs.

May 7, 2014

Coral Jean and John Vinson are so glad the following were judges for IEEE at the year 2014 Intel NWSE:

Middle School Judges: Coral Jean Cotterell, Vitaliy Gruntkovskly, Kenneth Tsui, John Vinson

The Middle School had seven awards. Best First overall received an iPod Touch and the others 16 GB Thumb Drives with IEEE Certificates for 457 projects and 622 students to evaluate.

High School Judges: Brian Conley, Vitaliy Gruntkovskly, Fred Ojima, Ed Perkins, John Prohodsky, John Vinson

The High School had seven awards. Best First overall iPad Mini, 16 GB Thumb Drives with IEEE Certificates for 160 projects and 204 students to evaluate.

OREGON IEEE Pre College Affairs (PCA) is so thankful for the judges and ExCom for support in PCA’s programs for our young scientist and engineers in research education with NWSE fair.

These judges are our pillars of support in the events. I think they had some fun in the wonderful world of science and engineering judging and inspiring young people.

They are real troopers giving their personal time, blazing trails, rubbing elbows, asking questions, making critical decisions on the fly, changing awards, and keeping their energy up through the event. They went through all the projects to converge upon winning contestants for the IEEE awards in engineering for IEEE Oregon at the Fridays’, March 21st middle school and April 4th high school 2014 Intel Northwest Science Exposition (NWSE) (Intel ISEF 31st year). Their personal devotion as an IEEE judge was a success to complete our team’s goal to support our young people.

NWSE having the middle school separated geographically across multiple days made it some what more challenging for us to make sure things were covered. Coral Jean Cotterell did a great job taking care of the middle school.

The program is a wonderful success this year for the students and Oregon IEEE judges were great with their questions and input to the students.

John Vinson
IEEE Oregon
Pre-College Affairs Chair