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Snow Goose 500-230 kV Substation Overview: Service Design and other Design/Construction Challenges NO REGISTRATION REQUJIRED
February 20th
12:30 PM (1 hour)
825 NE Multnomah Street

Roger has worked for PacifiCorp in the Substation Engineering group for the past eleven years.  He will be discussing some of the challenges and solutions that were faced during the design and construction of the new 500-230 kV, 650 MVA Snow Goose Substation in Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Engineering the Magni Open Source ROS Robot Platform
February 21st
6:30 PM (2 hours)
Axiom Electronics
Beaverton, Oregon

Ubiquity Robotics is coming through the greater Portland area on Wednesday, February 21 to introduce their Magni robot platform. Magni started as a community effort to build a low cost robot platform that makers, like us, could use to build their robot projects quickly and easily. Ubiquity Robotics is trying to get enough people interested in using it to fund a production run in China. Magni has a 100kg payload, it is Robot Operating System (ROS) compatible, has in built navigation, it is mobile in any wheelchair accessible space, incorporates sensing and other capabilities.

See their video at: 

This is a hands on presentation. Ubiquity Robotics will bring a few robots for us to try. Activities may include:

1) Driving the robots around with a wireless joystick
2) Navigating the robots via voice control (e.g. setting waypoints, and telling the robot to go between them)
3) Writing simple ROS programs and running them on the robot. What they’ll do is give people access to a simple "hello world" type of program and challenge us to extend it - for example they perhaps might try to challenge them to use the deep neural net capability to find one object go to it and then go to a specific waypoint. 

We encourage people to bring their android smartphones for activities like 2) and encourage them to bring their own laptops, preferably with Ubuntu and ROS on them for 3).

I look forward to learning more about its navigation system interesting and look forward to seeing it in action. It is a ceiling fiducial based system driven by a Raspberry Pi3 running Ubuntu 16.04. Ubiquity Robotics is a Bay Area company founded by Dr. David Crawley. David received his PhD from the University of Cambridge.

Find additional details at their web site:


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