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Electrical Power Metrolgy, Smart Grid, and the Role of National Measurement Institutes NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED
August 28th
11:45 AM (1 hour)
825 NE Multnomah Street

Measurements are necessary for the power system control, protection, and safe and reliable operation of the electric power grid. Electrical power metrology entails revenue metering, i.e. measurements of power and energy for billing purposes. Electricity meters are the most widespread electrical measurement devices, used for industrial, commercial and residential customers. Electrical metrology is an important enabling factor for equitable electricity trade inside and across national borders. The introduction of distributed and renewable energy resources and their impact on the electric power system, often referred to as Smart Grid, will be highlighted. Smart metering, power quality measurements, synchrophasor measurements, measurements in digital substations, and calibration methods for measurement devices with digital outputs and inputs will be addressed. With the significant role of power electronics in new Smart Grid developments, and the increased penetration of electric vehicles (EV) and the EV infrastructure in the power grid emphasizes the necessity for wide frequency band measurements of distorted waveforms. The digital measurements are continually improving. This is in turn pushing the boundaries of the high accuracy measurements needed for calibrations. New instrumentation requires new calibration methods. The role of National Measurements Institutes in providing the highest accuracy calibrations, measurement standards and traceability to SI units is essential and will be discussed.

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