ExCom Minutes

Attendees: Diwakar, Dan, Ed Perkins, Richard, Ed Epp, Jose, Pradeep, Xiao, Raviv, Naznin, Sohrab


  • Minutes - Approved
  • Budget – Motion to approve the budget presented as modified is approved
  • Sensor array Conference MoU – 2 industry sponsors, ~150-200 attendees
    • Option 1 - IEEE section to sponsor the reception July 8 [$550]
    • Option 2 – Sponsoring the banquet.[$14500]
    • Option – help with student cost
    • Xiao and Raviv to send more info
    • Xiao to email Richard Dorrance (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  • Cadence of meetings – Jan, May (Intel), Sep, Dec in person
  • WIE – Specifics to be brought in Feb Excom, Panel discussion, daytime
  • Milestone
  • Sustech
  • Mar 15-17 OpComm in Seattle
  • Science fair
  • Rising Stars meeting update by Naznin, Amritesh, Mike – Feb Excom
  • Chapter chairs to update info on ieee-oregon website

Attendees:  Goodrich, Epp, Silver, Prohodsky, Perkins, Engel, Pejdcinovic, Dorrance, Rick Smith, Hayashi, Sohrab Aftabjahani, Xiao Fu, Heidi Bates

Call to Order

Approve agenda:  Approved without objection

Approve Past minutes:  Approved without objection


All:  Winter awards December 9th, 7pm, be sure to sign up!

Hayashi to register for Rising Star\s by Nov 30 and create an SAP concur account

All:  Funding for next year’s budget:  If you have plans for an event next year, let's get it in the 2024 budget so that we don't have to seek approval at a later date.

Dorrance and Goodrich  to lead NWSE and SW WA fairs, respectively. Goodrich to send Standard Operating Procedure

Prohodsky developing soft skills seminar topics list for a Fall 2024 meeting

Prohodsky to take Treasurer training and serve as Treasurer for the Computer Society

Goodrich to head up updates to Section web site—either send contact info directly to Daniel, or get credentials and update your Chapter’s info.  Remove all discontinued chapters.

Education Society: Pejdcinovic to e-mail Goodrich to intro the activities he has planned.

Hayashi has a PES/IAS speaker opportunity—he will e-mail Goodrich with contact info.

Goodrich to schedule a meeting with Hayashi and Kohne to go over their vision for Students.

H. Bates, Akter and Rai to plan a WIE/YP event at SUSTECH on Monday, April 15th.  The Section will fund the event, though YP should seek funds from the Society.

Attendees: Diwakar, Dan Goodrich, Ed Perkins, Xiao Fu, John Prohodsky, Richard Dorrance, Pradeep Kumar, Naznin, David Silver, Jose Garcia, Sohrab


Rising stars conference – Michael + Amritesh. Rising stars is sponsoring Naznin.

Daniel to follow up with Michael/Kyle if any student wants to attend Rising stars.

Winter social (Dec 9, 6 – 8:30) – placeholder sent. Lake Oswego grill.

David to create vtools and send it out (unpublished).

Naznin to chair WIE group. Motion approved.

Heidi precollege/STEM chair – responsible for high school fairs and STEM events

NEDME (Oct 18) – Anyone able to attend? Section will pay $30 ($10 attendance, $20 for tech sessions). Lunch and breakfast is included with attendance. Diwakar to publicize.

Soft skill seminar committee formation approved. John, Rick, Diwakar, Ed, YP. Draft plan to be presented in Nov meeting by John.

Next month:

  • Amritesh will follow up on $800 for sustech from YP.
  • Heidi – STEM event – funding – get more details and present in next excom.

Chapter chair reports

  • Comm (Pradeep) – Couple of upcoming events. Pradeep trying to revive 2 chapters.
  • PES (Jose) – Next speaker is John Borland. Speakers lined up for Nov and Dec.
  • Nano (Ed) – No traction
  • Sustech (Ed) – future direction initiative renamed to Sustech Initiative. Diwakar to publicize call for papers.
  • Solid State Circuits (Richard) –
  • Computer (Sohrab) -
  • Signal processing (Xiao) – Plan to resume normal activity. Planning sensor array workshop July 2024. Xiao will work with Ed Perkins for possible MoU with Oregon section for sponsorship.
  • Photonics (Naznin) – Workshop on 13th 14 participants and 3 speakers. Workshop will be recorded.

Attendees: Diwakar, Dan, Rick, Ed Perkins, Richard, Ed Epp, Sohrab, Jose, Michael, Amritesh, Pradeep, Heidi, David


Save the date – Dec 9 for chapter chair winter social.

Students activities chair is Michael R Hayashi. Kyle will help with student activities.

Rising stars conference – Michael to confirm? Naznin?

Heidi – STEM event – funding – get more details and present in next excom.

IEEE Day – Oct 3/6 – Top golf YP social event for IEEE day, charge $10 per person, motion to approve $500 for funding this event. – Approved.

Amritesh will follow up on $800 for sustech from YP.

NEDME is Oct 18th – Diwakar to publicize in section email. Add to Linkedin as well.


Chapter reports

Rick Smith – involved with NEDME and sustech.

ED Perkins – Sustech MOU got approved.

Pradeep – ComSoc – Two events coming up. Quantum, V2x

Ed Epp – Robotics –

Richard – Solid state circuits – Distinguished Lecture in July, next in Nov.

Sohrab – Computer society – Planning a distinguished lecture

Jose – PES – talk on 9/19

David – IAS – 9/20 dinner+meeting event Okinawa cable

Attendees: Daniel, Diwakar, Ed Perkins, Ed Epp, John Prohodsky, David Silver, Michael Hayashi, Branimir Pejcinovic, Jose Garcia, Michael Bates, Naznin, Richard, Rick Smith, Heidi, Sohrab, Ahsam, Amritesh


$1200 allocated for gifts for speakers for chapters, societies and section. Dan will finalize the gift. – Approved

Up to $1500 preliminary allocation for photonics seminar in Oct to be refined at a later date – Approved

Dan will create a template for letter of appreciation/certificate for the speakers.

Diwakar to follow up for September Excom Venue at Intel

Dan will finalize Kyle (and Michael) as Student Liasion.

Antenna conference is in Portland next week. Dan will be welcoming the attendees on behalf of IEEE Oregon Section.

Summer social is on Aug 5th at Pinball

NEDME is back – Will be in Tektronix – Ed/Heidi will send info to Diwakar. Diwakar will publicize.

Amritesh will reach out for increasing participation in WIE


6:35 Status of Previous Business Meeting Action Items

Add Rick, Sohrab and fix the spelling of Naznin’s name (Diwakar) - Done

Diwakar to get in-person room at Intel for September Excom

David Silver – follow up on Intel Benevity Reimbursement

Diwakar to setup recurring excom meeting for rest of the year - Done


6:40 Chair’s Report

Summer Social


David S

August 5th at 1000 at Next Level Pinball in Hillsboro; vTools event has been created.  Cost?  Where will we bring in food from?



Dan G, David S

Can the Section pay up front as long as Amritesh provides documentation that he will receive the $800 from YP?

Sections Congress


Dan G

Dan G, Ed P, Jose G, Naznin and Dave Durocher are attending.  Are Naznin and Dave registered?  Dan to develop expectations:  Provide a summary of each session--one takeaway that the Section can use.  Work with attendees and agree on who will attend which breakout section (what is an ignite session?)  The 1300-1330 Saturday has 11 sessions at once--they do offer another session on Sunday, so we'll need to be strategic.  Start a text message string.

September ExComm


Diwakar, Rick S

Do we have a venue at Intel? – Not yet

June meeting minutes



Put them on web site - Done

Student Liaison


Dan G

I re-asked Kyle; new person expressed interest, and is invited to July 11th meeting


6:45 Vice-Chair’s Report - Sustech 2024@Portland - organization jump started. Ed finding a chair and working out other logistics. Dates – 17th-20th April

6:47 Treasurer’s Report – All submitted rebates cleared. Any questions related to that, send it to David.
6:50 Secretary’s Report -
6:55 New Business—Any Chapter requests for funds or resources not already in the budget or requests for actions by the ExComm

  1. Photonics Seminar (Naznin)
  • Reconfirm the date, maximize the attendance
  • Requesting 1.5k – 2k, assuming ~50 people, ~$20-30 for food, coffee, registration material etc. Will charge $10 per person for registration.
  1. PSU collaboration with other orgs (Education Chapter) – no issue in collaborating with non-profit orgs. ASE
  2. Volunteer opportunities