6:00 – Refreshments and Social

6:30 – Adoption of Agenda

  • The meeting started at 6:45 PM.

6:35 – Approval of previous minutes

  • Motion made to approve March and April minutes at the May meeting.

7:00 – Reports

  • Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)
    • Upcoming conferences to Portland - reach out to help with the advertisement. TLAs: from the slide: RESPECT, PLANS, ARITH.
    • WIE Book Club - Soonish - 1st Thursday of the Month - just before bedtime.
    • March 13th - GBSE & PPSSE Expos - (Judges needed) - Gresham High School
    • YP PNW Leadership Summit - 2020, July 17th - 19th
    • Summer Social - 2020 July 25th - Portland Pickles Game
    • State Science Fair (Used to be ISEF) NW Science Expo - April 10th (NWSE).
    • Updates for Section Communications
      • On, under membership benefits, select:
        • Local IEEE comms
        • Member-related comms
    • New/Returning Section Volunteers
  • Treasurer's Report (Lee Oien).
    • Request for Reimbursement 2020 format
    • IEEE Finance accepted our financial report for the section. Not sure about the chapters.
    • Expense form submissions (OR Section Reimbursement request).
  • YoPro (Jian Guo)
    • Working with OIT
      • Career day May 31st
      • Interview coaches - for students
  • Women in Engineering
    • .

7:40 – Discussion Items:

  • Social Media Collaborator - Anushka Naiknaware
    • Weekly updates in LinkedIn, promoting events to our membership
  • Senior Member - message to Intel folks?
    • New website and slide for Chapters.

7:50 – Action Items

  • None.

7:55 – Tonight's Focus (Information Items)

  • Robotics & Automation Society (RAS)
    • Seminars & Workshops
      • ROS lives on top of Linux - Matt Hansen - Intel ROS Navigation project head. This has now moved to Samsung, and Matt has moved on to Amazon
      • Tensorflow for locating FTC game pieces. First Tech Challenge (FTC).
  • PSU IEEE Students Branch - Alex Higgins 

    Instead of sharing a key, get a real-estate lockbox and provide the combo to the board members

    Spring term - board mtg, workshop (TBD), Social events (active engineer)

    • End-of-the-year picnic
    • Website redesign
    • Recruiting 1st/2nd year students
    • Focus on new members - now it's only $18 for the remainder of the school year (thru mid-August)

    Consider a survey that reaches out to recent grads, and ask them "what didn't you know that you needed to know? 

    • Using a Facebook page, or need help with social promos

8:00 – Old Business / New Business

Gift cards - need some $$ for these

  • SusTech Conference -

    • About 50 papers being reviewed
    • April 23-25th
    • Not yet decided about postponing or cancel??

8:20 – Future Focus
Apr: PES and OIT Klamath Falls. Justin to confirm.
May: TBD
Jun: TBD

8:30 – Adjournment

Attendees (WebEx):  Paulo Vasconcelos (Chair), Justin Wagner (Vice-Chair), Heidi DeGarmo (Secretary), Lee Oien (Treasurer), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), Ed Epp (RAS Chair), Ed Perkins (Nanotechnology Council), Michael Bates (CS Vice-Chair), Alex Higgins (PSU SB Chair), DDhawal Moghe, John Prohodsky, Russ Mickiewicz, Eve KlopfDaniel Engel, Richard Dorrance, Tugrul Daim.