1. 6:00 – PIZZA and Social

    • Five pizzas and 3 sodas were enough for attendees.
  2. 6:30 – Acting Chair's Report (Paulo Vasconcelos)

    • Stepping in as Chair per Region 6 directors request.

    • Conference Highlights from NWA Meeting.

  3. 6:40 – Treasurer's Report (Russ Mickiewicz)

    • The section has $84,000 in the bank.

  4. 6:50 – Elections' Report (John Prohodsky)

    • Extended nomination process did not get new nominees. Paulo Vasconcelos nominated to run for the Chair position, Justin Wagner for Vice Cahir,  Heidi DeGarmo for Secretary and Russ for Treasurer.
  5. 7:00 – YoPro (Jay Guo) / SAC Report (Matt Harrison) / WIE (Eve Klopf)

    • YoPro -
      • Received funding from Region 6 for Bowling Night
      • 16 people showed up for social networking
      • Potential future event: Gold Night
    • SAC - Steven Johnson of PSU has volunteered to be Section Student Representative (SSR). Steven was at the ExCom meeting and spoke about his qualifications. He was elected unanimously.

    • Women in Engineering - Heidi DeGarmo represented WIE as Eve Klopf was not available. Heidi talked about the Maker fair at World of Speed held on February 23, 2019.

  6. 7:30 – Tonight's Focus

    • Computer Society - is in the process of reorganizing. Sohrab asked for advice on organizing a chapter. John emailed information on the process of organizing a chapter and petition information. Paulo will help Sohrab contact CS members.
    • OITW SB - Tom Bridges gave a brief presentation on OIT Wilsonville’s activities. OIT has two events each term, typically a presentation and plant tour. Presentations last term included History of USB and Vector Analysis. The third event was Building a Retro Gaming Console based upon Raspberry Pi. See the presentation attached.
  7. 8:00 Section Updates (Max 5 minutes per section)

    • Russ Mickiewicz - Communications joint chapter has had minimal activity.

    • Dan Goodrich - Summer Social venue to be the Portland Spirit as suggested.

    • Ed Perkins - Science Fair judges are needed.
  8. Future Focus

    Apr: PSU and SSCS

    May: RAS

    Jun: TBD

Attendees:  Paulo Vasconcelos (Acting Chair), Russ Mickiewicz (Treasurer), Jian Guo (YP Chair), Rick Smith (PACE Chair), John Prohodsky (Past Chair), Ed Epp (RAS Chair),  Stephen Johnston (PSU SB Treasurer), Icek Warnecke (OIT), Daniel Engel (Webmaster), Jinsub Kim (SPS Chair), Justin Wagner. Erik Ruhl.

WebEx: Tugrul Daim (Vice Chair), Eve Klopf (WIE Chair), Matt Harrison (SAC Chair), Farhana Sheikh (SSCS Chair), Richard Dorrance (SSCS Vice Chair), David Rubenstein (PES Vice Chair), Ed Perkins.


Important Dates 

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